Targeting a system with waste and overconsumption at its core, ARAN Labs is here to disrupt fashion designed for obsolescence. 

The innovative system, developed to combat the growing epidemic of waste and pollution produced by the fashion industry, actively discourages trend culture and throwaway consumption.
The interactive experience pioneered by ARAN LABS forges a higher connection between garment and wearer.

Immersed in a VR dreamscape which demands emotional involvement, individuals are directly involved in the co-creation process and encouraged to break the cycle of continuous consumption with bespoke designs.
ARAN Labs uses virtual reality and interactive technology to apply gamified customisation experiences to an innovative, digital, made-to-order process.

Consumers capture unique perspectives through interactive movement within an immersive VR dreamscape. Images are printed directly onto archive or deadstock garments using direct-to-garment or sublimation printing techniques, providing customisation opportunity and design alteration for existing items.
Examining the role of technology and craft in the future of fashion, ARAN Labs has produced a cyclical system of gamified co-creation and customisation experience to directly target the issue of garment waste.

Consumer and garment are irrevocably connected. The added value of virtual reality and 3D design creates a new customisation experience for fashion with a digitally crafted future aesthetic.